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we aren’t meryl, but we are still significant

There is nothing more Meryl Streep needs to do to cement her legacy as one of the greatest actresses of her generation, or any for that matter – she is a goddess. But last night she catapulted herself into the stratosphere and will be immortalized not only as the brightest star ever to shine but as a hero. Standing in front of her peers, and millions of people watching at home, with conviction, grace, and courage gave a speech for the ages about inclusion and protection of freedoms. The strength she must have had to muster, I can only imagine.

Of course, the response from what’s his nuts this morning was that Meryl is one of the most over-rated actresses and is a Hillary flunky. HUH? Jesus Christ. His team’s response was then to accuse Meryl of inciting the masses and causing discord. Everyone needs to give him a chance, they were saying, you know, give him an opportunity to lead the country. Judge him by what is in his heart, not what comes out of his mouth? What. The. Fuck?! AHHHH, I had to get off Twitter. I had only just gotten up, and it was already making me irate and depressed as all hell. With thoughts of how much time we have left before the planet completely implodes and we all die, is not how I like to enjoy my first cup of coffee of the day.

Last night Meryl led by example, risking reprisal by not giving a fuck and speaking about what she so passionately believes. She used her voice to call out those who recklessly abuse their positions, to incite violence and hate. I was in awe.

So, with Meryl in mind, instead of continuing to sit like a deflated unshowered lump I made the decision to engage and make my day off work a productive one!

I finished my second book of 2017, written by a talented, hilarious and afflicted woman – my favourite kind.  Allie Brosh made me laugh out loud over and over again and reminded me that there is always something to laugh about, even when life is shitty. Without laughter, we would all be gravely ill.

I fed my soul with some music and sang like I do in my car, only much, much louder. Even though windows surround me in this house, nobody can see me like they do in my car (I mean if they can, I can’t see them seeing me, so that’s cool), so without the visible judgment of others, I let it rip this morning, Adele style.

Once I was finished singing, I felt great. Then I started thinking about things. I am not Meryl. There is no stage for me and no audience waiting to be captivated and inspired by what I have to say. What can I possibly do to help make this world a better place and slow down the imminent implosion of our planet? I am just me. Insignificant me.

So I Googled inspiring videos – which is something I never do. Unless they were made by Mateusz M or Shia LaBeouf, I can’t handle them because they contain too much cheese. I love inspiring quotes, but for some reason, videos just irritate the shit out of me because it seems like the people making them are just trying too hard. I don’t know. Maybe I am just weird.

Anyway, my search brought me to the video below. Immediately I smiled because I had seen this video before and knew right away what it was about – it was my answer.

Whoever produced this commercial, I assume, actually believed what they were trying to sell – which wasn’t just life insurance, but a more fulfilled, meaningful and happy life.

The video below is NOT inspirational cheese – this guy is who we should all aspire to be if we are committed to making this world a better place. We can’t all be Meryl Streep and inspire the world with one speech on one stage, but we can all show kindness, compassion, and empathy every day, and inspire those around us with our actions. If we truly want this world to be a better place, we need to start really seeing one another, and feeling. Don’t we?

None of us are insignificant. Our actions have consequences, and you never know who’s life you might save or change, just by taking a moment and making them feel like they matter.

Because they do.


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  1. Rina

    If only you had a Stage or an Audience……

  2. You’ve convinced me. Hyperbole and a half is going on my reading list. I’ve read too many good things to pass it up. Thanks

    • the incurable dreamer

      You won’t regret reading it. I wish she was still doing her blog because she is fantastic – very similar to Jenny. I think you will enjoy her 🙂

  3. Di

    Oh my… this is stunning. And you DO have an audience… us. And you’ve made me feel… and you’ve made me cry.
    Thank you Tanya. You are beautiful…you are worthy and you are special ?

    • the incurable dreamer

      Thank you so much, Di! I like to make people laugh, but I also strive to make them feel and see what matters most in this life. It makes me so happy that I was able to draw so much emotion from you. Your words are very kind and mean so much. You are a beautiful person, and I feel honored you chose to read my blog! xo

  4. Di

    I’ll just say ‘thank you’ and ‘it’s my pleasure’ in reply, Tanya. Glad we have connected ????

  5. I loved that. You help people more than you know, Tanya.

    • the incurable dreamer

      Aww, thanks so much Paul. I kind of shoot straight from the heart, so it means a whole lot that you think that about me and what I write. Really, thanks so much!

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